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Human trafficking statement - Exel Contracts Ltd
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Exel Contracts Ltd

Annual Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This statement is produced for and on behalf of Exel Contracts Ltd of Nuttys Farmhouse, Childerditch Lane, Brentwood, CM13 3EH.

The content of this statement relates to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 Chapter 30.

An Act to make provision about slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and about human trafficking, including provision for the protection of victims; to make provision for an Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner and for connected purposes’.

The organisational structure within Exel Contracts is headed by Paul London, Managing Director and Danniella Wiltshire, Director.  Our recruitment process is managed internally, all applications and interviews are conducted by Danniella Wiltshire.

Exel Contracts Ltd adopts a zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking.  We fully support the governments objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking.

All our suppliers are local Companies that are VAT registered and also have a Company Registration number.  Any sub-contractors that we use are known to us and have the relevant insurances, policies and accrediatations.  All contractors and suppliers have been made aware that a copy of this statement is on the homepage of our website.

We expect all Delivery Partners, organisations within our Frameworks and other companies we engage with to ensure their goods, materials and labour-related supply chains:  Fully comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015; and are transparent, accountable and auditable; and are free from ethical ambiguities.

Due diligence improvements:

As part of Exel Contracts Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence process, the Agency subscribes to World-Check – a database which provides wide-ranging information on organisations, including details of financial crime, bribery, corruption, human rights crimes and environmental crime convictions. Exel Contracts uses World-Check information to help inform its decision-making process and when onboarding new customers.

All employees of Exel Contracts are paid above the minimum wage and have been briefed and made aware of our policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking.

A copy of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 is kept in the office and available to anyone who wishes to see it.  All staff are provided with a copy of this statement at the induction stage of employment.

Should any member of staff believe or become aware of any such activities within any supply chain involving Exel Contracts then they are to notify, immediately Paul London and/or Danniella Wiltshire.

All staff employed by, or contracted to perform work for Exel Contracts will be supplied with a copy of this statement.

Danniella Wiltshire