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30 Years experience

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Exel Contracts Ltd is a commercial property refurbishment and maintenance company. We have been successfully operating in London and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Exel Contracts already has a proven track record with many high-profile customers in these areas. We understand the level of professionalism that is expected which is how we maintain all of our work as either repeat or recommendation.

This level of service we offer to ALL of our customers, no matter how big or small.

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Exel Contracts Limited is committed to upholding our seven core values in every project that we undertake. We keep these values in mind so that we consistently conduct ourselves in a professional, ethical and legal manner. These values are:
  • 01 We conduct ourselves and all our activities in a fair and honest way.
  • 02 We always work professionally and as a team.
  • 03 We treat each other, and anyone we work alongside with respect and dignity.
  • 04 We are always punctual and committed to meeting deadlines.
  • 05 We are responsible for our actions and accountable for their consequences.
  • 06 We have an environment that enables and supports effective communication.
  • 07 We continuously develop safe systems of working to ensure minimal risk.
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15. March, 2022.
I have been working alongside Exel contracts for 6+ years in the building services industry and this company is truly a pleasure to deal with. Always deliver an all round outstanding service. Exel have been my go to contractor for various items over the years at the site I currently run on Cheapside, London. This does not only represent trust from myself but more importantly the client and consultant. Exel have been able to assist with multiple different disciplined jobs completing all in timely professional manner. The Exel team and their engineers have continuously delivered to the demand of the required job which is of the utmost importance in this industry. I look forward to working alongside this company for many more years to come and I would highly recommend Exel contracts and the services they provide to anyone looking for a superb commercial maintenance contractor.
Julian Anderson
Julian Anderson
14. October, 2021.